Radiography Film Interpretation Training Certification Level I & II

Radiography testing or X –ray testing is a volumetric NDT method to detect discontinuities and flaws lying inside the materials. RT is widely used in establishing Casting process and Weld joints to evaluate the quality of welds produced. Radiography can be carried out by Gamma Rays using radioactive isotopes such as Iridium 192, Cobalt Co 60, Thulium 170etc or using X –ray equipment produced – cathode ray tube. Gamma Ray Radiography and X-ray radiography are very similar in nature except the way in which radiation is generated. Industrial Gamma Radiography requires radioactive isotopes such as Iridium 192 or Cobalt 60 whereas X-rays are produced by principles used in generating X-rays using equipment or Linear accelerators or Betatrons depending on KV of x-ray and thickness and materials to be radiographed.

One advantage of using Radiography of Castings and Weld joints when compared to Ultrasonic Testing is getting permanent record in the form of Film in Film Radiography and Digital Image in Digital Radiography which can be preserved for the life of the component /structure tested. There are associated safety hazards in usage of Radiography sources. However proper safety procedures must be followed during operation of facility

Radiography is used in Medical applications since 1885 and later expanded to industrial applications such as RT testing of Critical Weld Joints in Pressure Vessels, Boiler Components, Castings of critical automobile components and engine blocks. Also RT is used in testing assemblies to find the individual components inside assemblies to replicate or reproduce the same indigenously.

Radiography Film Interpretation Training Course