Workplace Health & Safety


This course is designed to explain how effective health and safety planning reduces costs and increases productivity, and how organizations can plan to systematically improve their health and safety performance. At the successful completion of this course a trainee will be able to identify and describe legislative rights and responsibilities for workplace health and safety, and identify the principles of workplace safety.

Learning Objectives

  • Responsibilities of employers and employees under the HSW Act are identified
  • Describe the systems approach to workplace health and safety
  • Hazard management controls are explained
  • Explain how hazards are defined in the HSW Act
  • Describe hazard control methods
  • Explain health and safety requirements for hazard control
  • Describe hazards that may harm workers, the work environment, and organizations
  • Identify the principles of workplace safety in a workplace
  • Identifying safe and unsafe work practices
  • Describe good workplace health and safety practices
  • Apply risk assessment procedures

Who should attend?

Ideal for health and safety practitioners, representatives, supervisors, or managers who need to understand and explain the productivity benefits of a safe workplace and develop health and safety plans.


1 Day

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