Work At Height


The aim of this course is to provide knowledge on how to work safely at heights. It emphasizes on an understanding of carrying out working at height risk assessment, safe use access equipment and monitoring to ensure that employees can reduce their risk of falls from height, adopting preventive and protective measures, rescue procedures in cases of emergency.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain what is meant by work at height.
  • Understand the common working at height tasks and the associated risks.
  • Understand and identify the factors that contribute to persons and objects falling from height.
  • Describe the control measures to reduce the risk of falls from height.
  • Understand the proper use of access equipment and safe methods of access to reduce or eliminate the risk of falls
  • Describe work equipment selection
  • Explain use of ladders and scaffolds
  • Fragile surface, falling objects and danger area
  • List duties of person at work

Who should attend?

Anyone who works at height in any place or involved in the planning, supervision or management of work at a height.


1 Day

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