Ultrasonic Testing - UT Level I Training & Certifications

Course Objective

To provide complete knowledge of Ultrasonic Inspection-UT Level I contents as per written practice framed to the requirements of latest edition of SNT TC 1A-2016 requirements and to enable the training participants to carryout Ultrasonic testing according to established testing procedure under the supervision of NDT UT Level II or Level III professionals. This certification course is especially designed to provide a sound theoretical knowledge and practical skill for UT required for Level I technicians. The trainers are well experienced NDT Level III in Ultrasonic testing to provide in-depth knowledge and deliver best contents.

Technical Knowledge Requirements & Responsibilities for Level I in Ultrasonic Testing

The Ultrasonic Testing UT Level I Technician should have sufficient Technical Knowledge and skills to be qualified to perform Ultrasonic testing Calibrations and evaluation of Indications for acceptance or rejections according to written instructions and to record NDT test results. He shall not be responsible for the choice of the test technique nor for assessment of the test results. The NDT Level I in UT should receive the necessary instructions and supervision from a certified UT Level II or Level III professional.

Practical training for UT Level I Certification Course

Complete calibration of ultrasonic flaw detection equipment for various types of transducers, Discontinuity Detection in Plates, Castings, Forging and weldments, Locating the flaw and Size Estimation Techniques and preparation of Test Reports as per written instruction by NDT Level II or Level III professionals.

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