Scaffolding Erection & Inspection


This course is designed to give participants the necessary information and skill for safe use erect d and methods of inspections of scaffolds.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Scaffolding
  • Various types of scaffolds
  • General safety requirements (foundations, fall protection etc.)
  • Standards and legislation
  • Field trip/hands on
  • Statutory Regulations Applicable to Scaffolding Erection
  • Planning a scaffold job
  • Detection of Build in Faults of Independent Scaffolds
  • Inspections of Ladders, Boards, Fittings and Tubes for Safe use
  • Correct and Efficient methods of Lashing and Fixing Ladders
  • Safe and use of Builders Hoist
  • Erect scaffolding
  • Dismantle scaffolding and store in appropriate area
  • Alter and repair
  • Design of scaffolds
  • Practical Inspection of Various Types of Scaffolds
  • Fittings and Tubes
  • Inspection of Safety Harness and Care & Maintenance
  • Issuing Certificate of Safe use of Scaffolds

Who should attend?

For all personnel responsible for inspecting and issuing certificate for safe use of scaffolds.


02 Days

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