Occupational Safety & Health requirement in Oil & Gas setup is different from other organizations. The work is either project based in remote areas based on Land, Transition and Offshore. Thus there is need to explicitly design the syllabus to understand Oil & Gas routine. On completion of the unit, you will be able to investigate incidents and use the lessons learnt to improve health and safety performance. Recognize hazards, risks and controls inherent to oil and gas industries. Implement a variety of risk management techniques used in oil and gas industries. Understand the principles of assessing and managing contractors. Undertake a safe shift handover. Recognize the types of failure modes that may lead to loss of containment from hydrocarbons.

Course Outline

  • Hazards inherent in oil and gas, Learning from incidents, Management of organizations, Risk Management in Oil & Gas Industries, PDCA Cycle
  • Process Safety Management, Role and purpose of a permit-to-work system, safe shift handover, Plant operations and maintenance, Refinery Structure, Land Rig Safe Requirement, Start up and shut down
  • Failure modes, Other types of failures, Safety critical equipment controls, Safe containment of hydrocarbons, ?Fire hazards, risks and controls, Furnace and boiler operations, Fire and explosion in the oil and gas industries, Emergency response
  • Management of Transport; Marine transport, Land transport, Control of documents, Routine Program in Project and remote operations.

Duration: The course is based on OSHA 30 Hours Guidelines.

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