Radiographic Testing (RT) Level-II

Course Objective

The course is intended to provide through grounding in the principle of Radiographic Testing-RT and fundamentals of material and process such that the trainee would be able to

  • Identify suitability of RT for the material and inspection technique
  • Develop techniques and procedures that can be followed by a Level I operator
  • Analyse the test result and document the same
  • Be familiar with codes, standards and specifications for RT to evaluate results of the tests
  • Be conversant with all statutory and safety norms of the authorities under jurisdiction

RT Level II Responsibilities

A certified RT Level 2 personnel is qualified to

  • Select proper test technique, equipment, films, IQI and other test parameters
  • Set up the equipment
  • Perform testing, Manually process film for high contrast and resolution and interpret the results as per applicable standards
  • Have knowledge of the scope and limitations of RT
  • Be familiar with production processes of the test material and knowledge of type and location of expected defects
  • Describe the operational steps in the radiography test method and understand the importance of each step
  • To develop RT technique for testing a particular job
  • Prepare test report for i. Accept ii. Reject iii. Rework
  • Prepare written instruction for Level I
  • Guide and check test results of Level I operators
  • Responsible for care and maintenance of the NDT/RT equipment

RT Level II Practical training

Same as level-I + Interpretation, evaluation of Radiographs, recording of test results and preparation of test reports.

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