Permit to Work


This course will provide the knowledge of permit system in managing a safe system of work. It examines common permit systems and their applications to different fields of work. The course explores some of the pitfalls using examples of when things have gone wrong and why.

Course Outline

  • The purposes of work permit systems
  • Application and functions of the permit
  • Building a permit system
  • General recommendation
  • Managing multiple permits
  • Typical permit problems
  • Basic permit concepts – isolation, handover, supervision, suspension, display
  • The procedure for initiating /completing the permit
  • The roles of permit applicant, holder and responsible
  • Excavations / trenching / shoring
  • Hazards & precautions
  • Electrical safety
  • Hot work program

Suitable for ?

Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Safety Advisors, Clients, Engineers and anyone who carries out high risk work.


01 Day

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