Introduction to Drilling


This, Introduction to Drilling, course is intended for individuals who will be working closely with drilling departments within their companies.  This course will give participants a complete understanding of the processes involved in the drilling of oil and gas wells.

Course Outline

Well Construction Overview

  • Oil & Gas Field Lifecycle
  • Interaction with other disciplines
  • Roles and responsibilities of the team

Well Design Overview

  • Geology Fundamentals
  • Timeline and long lead times
  • Preliminary Well Preparation

Casing and Directional Drilling

  • Casing and Cementing Overview
  • Directional wells; types and applications
  • Deflection Tools and Kick off Techniques
  • Bit types, features, and applications

Geodetic Coordinates, Drilling Fluids and Well Control

  • Geodetics and coordinate systems
  • Drilling fluids
  • Kick causes, prevention, and detection

Well Execution and Real-Time Operations

  • Risk Management
  • Typical drilling problems and operations risks
  • Failure Prevention
  • Real-time concepts, infrastructure, and monitoring



Who should attend?

This course is intended for everyone in finding out about drilling. It will give an understanding of drilling to non-drilling professionals.


1 Day

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