Industrial Radiography Level I / II training


Radiography testing Level 1 or 2 Certification training courses are crucial for technicians to learn and practice the testing method. Safety concerns are to be addressed appropriately. Each testing course is designed to learn from Basics to Principles of Radiography and safety in Industrial Radiography practice. However other aspects of testing such as selection right sources, Techniques, Selection of Films and Penetrameters IQIs, sensitivity, Density of films and Safety in Radiography are taught in depth during this program and practical’s are organized to quickly bring participant to understanding and perform RT testing.

Radiography Film Interpretation RTFI Level I

Considering safety concerns, majority of graduate mechanical engineers working with various mechanical engineering projects can attend Radiography Interpretation course RTFI level 1 certifications offered by us. The course is designed to give insights into Principles of RT testing, Industrial Applications in Welding and Castings Radiography, Techniques to be followed, Film selection, characteristics of X-ray films, Film density requirements for Industrial Applications, Image Quality Indicators IQI Penetrameter selection, Interpretation and evaluation of Films after processing, sensitivity and contrast requirements.

Practical sessions are part of the training to interpret and evaluate number of films for the quality of technique used and for acceptance of components as per international codes and standards or specifications on Radiography.

Radiographic Film Interpretation (RTFI) Course - Level II

Training Course Objective:

  • Understand the basic principles of the radiographic inspection procedure
  • Understand the radiographic film processing procedures
  • Recognise limitations in exposure quality
  • Understand potential causes of processing artifacts
  • Assess radiographic quality
  • Understand viewing condition requirements
  • Interpret radiographic codes and specifications
  • Write reports based on code requirements
  • Understand origins of defects
  • Locate and recognise radiographic images of defects with a high probability of detection

RTFI Level II Practical training

Calibrating and using densitometers, evaluating radiographs related to casting and welds

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