Introduction about Course

This training course reviews the basic requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known as OSHA, for protection of employees from fall hazards. This course will focus on the proper use of personal fall arrest systems in order to safely perform work in elevated areas.  OSHA’s Fall Protection standards at 29 CFR 1926, Subpart M, to protect workers exposed to falls six feet or more above a lower level

Additional hands on training must be conducted by a Competent Person for demonstrating competency in the selection, erecting, disassembly, maintenance, inspection, use and storage of fall protection systems for certification.

Course General Outlines

The following outline summarizes the major points of information presented in the course. The outline can be used to review the course before conducting a classroom session, as well as in preparing to lead a class discussion about the course

  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Scaffold and its types
  • Ladder and its types, usage and maintenance techniques
  • Safety Nets
  • How to Put on a Body Harness
  • Stopping Distance
  • The Lanyard
  • Snap Hooks
  • Anchorage Points
  • Warning Line Systems
  • Safety Monitoring System
  • Rescuing a Fallen Worker

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