Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is the art and science of understanding and positively influencing emotions, with the intention of helping ourselves and others.

This Emotional Intelligence training gives you the ability to manage people and relationships is very important in all leaders, so developing and using emotional intelligence is key to achieving personal, group and overall company goals. If you want to use emotional intelligence skills to yourself and help others, then you will enjoy and benefit from this training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why people do the things they do
  • How to create positive emotions in yourself and others
  • How to handle any negative emotions, (your own and those of others)
  • How to change negative situations into positive
  • Understanding Emotions as the products of thought
  • Take control of your emotions by taking control of your thoughts
  • Emotions as the product of the way you use your body

Who should participate?

This one day course is intended for all individuals in a supervisory or management position who understand or wish to understand, the importance of becoming an “Emotionally Intelligent” manager of people.


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