Effective Meeting Skills


This Effective Meeting Skills training course examines the common mistakes which are made and how to avoid them. We will show how to make your meetings more purposeful, as well as developing your skills to keep meetings on-track. We discuss the importance and roles of the chairperson and minute taker. Learn how to gain co-operation from attendees, manage any conflict, or attendees who are disruptive or cynical; together with how to make logical decisions and action planning

Key Outcome

  • Understand the key skills and techniques required to manage meetings effectively
  • A process for clearly identifying the purpose and goals of the meeting
  • Ways to keep diverse team members engaged and interested in participating
  • Identify and understand those key roles which make up effective meetings and how to ensure these contribute to good meeting process and output
  • Recognize the situations and behaviors which can undermine successful meetings and understand and practice how best to deal with these
  • Strategies for handling questions, objections and conflicts during meetings

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in understanding or improving their own or others participation in or management of meetings.


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