Drilling Operations and Well Completions


In this skill module you will learn about well function, onshore and offshore drilling, drilling programs, drilling rig components, and drilling systems; including drilling, rotating, fluid, and blowout prevention systems. You will also learn about casing and cementing, wellhead installation, types of well completions, formation damage, well perforation, sand control strategies, and well stimulation.

Course Outline

  • The purpose and function of non-vertical drilling, including directional and horizontal drilling
  • Rig type classification and selection for onshore and offshore drilling
  • The components of a drilling system
  • Purpose and function of blowout preventers
  • Types of platforms and techniques used for offshore rigs
  • The components of a drilling rig
  • The drilling systems of a rig
  • Drilling fluid properties and function
  • Common well stimulation strategies
  • The advantages and disadvantages of early and modern types of drilling styles
  • The purpose and function of the rotating system
  • Purpose of casing and cementing
  • Purpose and function of the wellhead
  • Overview of different types of well completions
  • Formation damage
  • Methods of well perforation
  • Sand production problems and control strategies in reservoirs

Who should attend?

Those who need to achieve a context and understanding of E&P technologies, or the role of technical departments in oil and gas operations, and/or be able to understand and use the language of the oilfield.


01 Day

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