Defensive Driving Course


The purpose of defensive driving course is to identify possible dangers in traffic and not to fall into them. Participants will be introduced to Defensive and professional Driving, Systematic driving skills, Individual behavior, and attitudes behind steering, Handling emergency situations and hazards (actual risk and potential risk) reduce traffic violations and change driver behaviors and attitudes.

The result will be a more responsible driver who understands best practices to prevent injury and death while driving a motor vehicle.

Course Outline

  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Causes of accident, detection and reaction time
  • Hazard recognition
  • How to avoid a collision, with case study scenarios
  • How driver behavior and mental conditions affect safe driving
  • Crash impact on passengers
  • Explain health and safety requirements for hazard control
  • Fatigue and drowsy driving
  • Fatigue, medication and alcohol
  • Pedestrian behavior, motorcycle and mopet, Bicycle
  • Maneuvering, uphill running, parking, reversing straight line
  • Driver understanding and attitude
  • Defensive driving philosophy, respect for people
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving skills inventory and assessment
  • Vehicle maintenance and pre-trip inspection
  • Road rage
  • Traffic signs and lights, road signs, observation, awareness
  • Wheels and tires
  • Practical Training and Assessment
  • Local Driving Culture

Who should attend?

This popular course is suitable for anyone who knows how to drive a vehicle. It is designed for drivers, fleet supervisors, all level of employees who may dive in or out workplace area.
(NOTE: ALL DELEGATES who so ever will attend this training must hold valid LOCAL DRIVING LICENSE)


01-Day (Theory & Practical)

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