Conflict Management


This conflict management training is designed to help you prevent unnecessary conflicts, and to quickly deal with those conflicts that do occur. Participants will learn to manage conflicts in a professional, objective and expert manner and how to avoid the negative emotions commonly associated with conflicts.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to settle workplace conflict and quickly restore harmony
  • How to use reason and logic, rather than anger and emotion, when handling conflict
  • Be able to objectify the situation and quickly find solutions, without emotionalizing
  • In conflict, know when to compromise and when to stand firm
  • Distinguish “reasons” from “excuses” and have a different policy for each
  • Use the correct level of assertiveness; the proper use of voice tones and body language
  • How to use praise and appreciation to immediately reinforce any positive changes

Why do people get angry?

The answer is unmet expectations.

Angry people usually express themselves in one of three predictable patterns:

Passive-Aggressive l Aggressive l Problem-Solver


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