What you’ll learn

OSHA general industry regulation 29 CFR 1910.146 and construction regulation 29 CFR 1926.21 require employers to provide training so that all employees who work near or within confined spaces have the understanding, knowledge, and skills necessary for the safe performance of their duties. This program complies with these requirements, and is a solid foundation for employers to follow up with site-specific orientation and entry exercises.

Scope: This course covers:

  • Introduction
  • Definitions of confined spaces
  • Permit-required confined spaces
  • Non Permit-required confined spaces
  • Accident statistics, case studies
  • Permit-required confined space entry policies and procedures
  • Alternate entry procedures for confined spaces
  • Definitions and descriptions of hazardous atmospheres
  • Confined space signs and labeling
  • Identifying hazards associated with confined space entry
  • How to complete a confined space entry permit and hot-work permit
  • Equipment used for confined space entry, including PPE, ventilators, atmospheric testing devices, retrieval apparatus, etc.
  • Rules governing outside contractors
  • Responsibilities of the entrant, attendant and the supervisor
  • 15. Rescue considerations

Practical Exercises

  • Atmospheric testing in a confined space
  • Proper usage of confined space entry equipment
  • Rescue and emergency notification procedures

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