Basic Rigging & Slinging


This course is designed to give participants the necessary skills and knowledge and awareness of safe rigging and slinging various types of loads and safe working practices when working with wire ropes, slings and lifting appliances and routine inspection and maintenance of lifting appliances.

Course Outline

  • Relevant legislation, Company Procedures and personal responsibilities
  • Planning of lifting operations
  • Types of ropes, slings and lifting equipment
  • Correct use and Limitation of Wire Ropes / Slings and Lifting Appliances
  • Safe and correct use of equipment
  • Equipment identification and selection
  • Rigging principles and terminology
  • Weight identification and estimation
  • Practical Exercises involving Planning and Lifting of Various Shapes
  • Safe systems of work, risk assessment and control measures and housekeeping
  • Environmental factors
  • Awareness of crane operating principles
  • Routine Inspection of Wire Ropes and Lifting Appliances
  • Awareness of manual handling
  • Hand signals and use of portable radios
  • House Keeping and Maintenance
  • Communication and Hand Signals during Lifting

Who should attend?

This course is designed for personnel involved in rigging and slinging operations.


01 Day

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