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This standard is owned by the Oil and Gas Industry and maintained by ACSGP who are the nominated custodians of all Industry standards within the ACSGP portfolio which carry the ACSGP logo. The contents of this document were developed by an industry workgroup facilitated and supported by ACSGP. The workgroup consisted of representation from a cross section of oil and gas industry employers, discipline experts working within the industry and members of the ACSGP Approved Training network.

This standard has been verified and accepted through the governance and integrity management model for OSHA standards.

Introduction and Course Description

The international oil and gas industry recognizes that a major objective is to prevent incidents occurring, and if they do occur, to control them and minimize their effect. It is important therefore to set common standards of training and to ensure they are maintained.
The authorized gas tester (AGT) role is critical in testing for and ensuring safe working atmospheres, in particular: permit controlled confined spaces, and prior to and during hot work.
The tasks authorized gas testers are required to undertake may vary depending on the workplace operation at the time. The tasks also vary in complexity and responsibility. Therefore, the AGT role has been split into three levels, they are: AGT Level 1, AGT Level 2 and AGT Level 3.

a)AGT Level 1

is required for those involved with performing a test for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases up to and including working in confined spaces.

b)AGT Level 2

is required for those involved with testing for flammable gas in preparation for hot work.

c)AGT Level 3

is required for those who provide safety watch duties by the ongoing monitoring of a hot work site.

A.2 Delegate Pre-requisites

Oil & Gas Work Experience of 02 Years or; Petroleum or Mechanical Diploma

A.3 Physical and Stressful Demands of the Course

All personnel who participate in gas testing training must be physically and mentally capable of participating fully. The responsibility of declaring any current or pre-existing medical conditions that could have adverse effects to the individual’s state of health while undertaking the training and/or assessment activities lies with the delegate/candidate and/or company sponsoring the delegate. Where doubt exists regarding the fitness of any delegate/candidate, the OPITO-approved Centre should direct the individual to consult a medical officer familiar with the nature and extent of the training.

A.4 Aim and Objectives

The aim and objectives of the AGT Trainer Level training program is to ensure that personnel preparing for a gas tester role are equipped with the knowledge to conduct gas tests for oxygen levels, flammable and toxic gases safely. Their gas testing skills must be assessed either in the workplace or at an approved training Centre against the competence units specified in Section E of this standard.
This training program also equips the delegate with knowledge to conduct gas testing within confined spaces and awareness of associated confined space hazards.?
Delegates will also learn about relevant legislative requirements, gas measuring and monitoring equipment and documenting gas test results.

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