Electromagnetic Testing (ET) Level III


Electromagnetic testing is a general test category that includes Eddy Current testing, Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM), and Remote Field testing. While magnetic particle testing is also an electromagnetic test, due to its widespread use it is considered a stand-alone test method rather as than an electromagnetic testing technique. All of these techniques use the induction of an electric current or magnetic field into a conductive part, then the resulting effects are recorded and evaluated.

Topical Outline

1. Principles/Theory

2. Equipment Materials

    • Probes
    • Factors affecting choice of sensing elements
    • Read out selection
    • Instrument design considerations

3. Techniques/Calibrations

    • Factors which affect coil impedance
    • Selection of test frequency
    • Coupling
    • Field strength

4. Interpretation/Evaluation

5. Procedures

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